Güvenli çatı için 5 ipucu!

Güvenli çatı için 5 ipucu!
  • 10.01.2023

Güvenli çatı için 5 ipucu!

5 tips for a safe roof!

A safe roof saves lives, but do you know that there are about 7 million roofs built far from standards in Turkey today?

Millions of roofs that are not made in accordance with the standards can cause a great danger in a possible earthquake. As well as these roofs, energy panels, water tanks and dish antennas placed on them in an unplanned way carry the danger of increasing the damage that will occur in the event of an earthquake.

So which loads on the roof pose a danger? What measures should be taken?

5 tips for safe roofs

1) Do not allow unauthorized and unplanned additional loads to the roofs. In s such as storms and earthquakes, serious injuries and deaths can occur both in the building where the roof belongs and around it.

2) Make sure that the roof construction is carried out by expert hands.

3) Not making the cross connections that meet the horizontal loads in the earthquake on the roof, column, truss planes or making them incomplete may cause damage and destruction during the earthquake.

4) The connection of the roofs to the reinforced concrete material should be applied in such a way that it can take the loads that may come from all directions. Long-term performance decreases in connections made with nails only.

5) Improper applications that do not use screw and anchor systems, that is, not fixed to the reinforced concrete structure, have a serious risk in terms of earthquakes.